Top Surfing Destinations: Do You Have What It Takes To Surf The Banzai Pipeline?

English: A surfer navigating a wave at Banzai ...

English: A surfer navigating a wave at Banzai Pipeline, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So you think that you are really good at surfing and that you have what it takes to be one of the legends in surfing? You might want to think again. If you haven’t tried surfing the Banzai Pipeline yet, then you haven’t really experienced what surfing is really all about.

The Banzai Pipeline is located at the North Shore of Oahu. This particular surfing spot offers the world’s most spectacular tubular wave that expert surfer‘s dream of surfing. Just imagine yourself inside the tube of the wave. It would be like being somewhere different. You can’t really describe what it is really like until you try it for yourself.

This tube is what surfers’ dream of riding. It is what they compete for in the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. In fact, most surfers wait for days and even weeks in the Banzai Pipeline just to get the perfect wave.

If you want to test your surfing skills and see if you have what it takes to be one of the greats, then you may want to experience the Banzai Pipeline. Located at Ehukai Beach Park which is located on Ke Nui Road that is just off Kamehameha Highway, you will see that it is very easy to find. In fact, this surfing spot is very popular in the area that you can ask the locals for directions.

Because of its fame, you will see that the 1.2 acre beach park gets a lot of visitors especially during the winter months where the waves really get huge. From surfers like you, to journalists, to photographers, to your average Joe who wants to see the action, you will see that this place will definitely be packed.

You might want to remember that this surfing spot is only for experts. If you are just a beginner to advanced surfer, then you will have to wait until spring and summer in order for you to ride smaller and much gentler waves.

However, you might want to remember that even in summer, the waves near the shore and the rip currents are something that you should be careful of.

Here, you will find complete services and amenities. It has lifeguards, showers, parking, picnic areas, restrooms and even phones.

The Banzai Pipeline is indeed the scariest wave to surf on. If you aren’t an experienced surfer and you are only good at smaller waves, then you might want to look for another place to surf. The Banzai Pipeline isn’t for the fainthearted. It is very dangerous and is only reserved for expert surfers. In fact, even seasoned pros gets wiped out extremely hard, which can be nerve-wracking for beginners.

However, if you think that you already have what it takes to surf the Banzai Pipeline, then you may want to go visit the Ehukai Beach Park during the winter months. With big waves, fantastic crowd, awesome scenery, and exciting surfing, you can be sure that you will be able to have a lot of fun surfing the world’s most popular wave.

So, stop waxing your surfboard and stop making excuses why you haven’t tried surfing the Banzai Pipeline. If you really believe that you are good enough for the Banzai Pipeline, then start packing your bags and your board and head out to Hawaii and surf the Banzai Pipeline.

Guide to golf swing

An animation of a full golf swing displaying t...

An animation of a full golf swing displaying the appropriate and professional technique. Each of the 9 frames in the animation are based on this image. The animation was made in both Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe ImageReady. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many golf beginners drop their hut and surrender because they experience frustrations in the execution of their swing. This should not happen because swing is doable for every one even for kids and seniors. The most common mistake of beginning golfers is that they try to give as much strength they can muster in the execution of their swing. This is not necessary because fluidity in motion and direction driven swing is what is necessary.

Of course, as anything physics, understanding the concept is easy but execution is always the issues. If you have noticed, I said physics. This is because golf swing is all physics. You will need to follow certain angles and mind your movement to create fluidity of motion and giving direction to your ball.

I hope I can help you improve your golf swing by giving you some of the useful tips on how to execute the proper golf swing.

Parts of a golf swing


What is the backswing?

The backswing is the where you begin your effort to give direction and control to the golf club. A good backswing sets the stage for that perfect swing, if you do not feel your body coil as you give power to your club, it may not be a perfect way to move forward into the downswing.

It is imperative that your execution of the full swing starting from your backswing will give the fluidity and strength to the club and ultimately the ball.

What is the downswing?

In here is where you will transfer all the power you mustered into the ball and send it off rolling. The alignment, stance and grip will define this moment and thus, the result of the swing.

There are three phases of downswing, which happens in less than a second. The phases are shifting from the backswing, rotating and finally hitting the ball.

Upon impact will you only know if you did the swing right or failed in your attempt. If you slice, hook or shank the ball, do not worry. Even professional commit this mistake many times.

To execute your swing well you may need a mentor to guide you, choose a mentor and surely, in time, you will be able to execute you swing well.

However, this is not the end. There is but one more part of the actual golf swing, the follow-through.

What is the follow-through?

It is in the follow-through where you release all the force and finishes the swing. Your position in the follow-through will tell if you did the full swing perfectly and thus sending your ball to the hole.

You will surely be able to say that you did the full swing well if your follow-through gives you the position where you chest faces your target. The follow-through will also send your club face accelerating upon impact. The perfect swing does not stop upon hitting the ball; the follow-through finishes your swing and defines the delivery of the ball to the target.

Like in any game, there is no overnight success in playing golf. Even, golf professional you see on television started long before to master that perfect golf swing. It is for you to practice and ensure that every mistake is noted and every game is improved.

Do not be afraid of poor stroke, but try to improve every time and practice. This is the only way to hit the ball to the hole.


Important Things You Need To Know In Golf

English: Fairway wood positioned near golf ball

English: Fairway wood positioned near golf ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every sport has its important stuff that must be understood to be able to perform well in it. Golf is no exception. There are certain important things in golf that you need to familiarize yourself well with and understand to be able to understand the game and be a great player.

It is wrongly perceived that because golf is not really a very physical sport or a contact sport like basketball, football etc that good fitness is not required. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Fitness is very important in golf. You need to be mentally and physically fit to be at your best. Fitness is not really about strength it’s about preparing your body and mind to be able to handle things. Good fitness will mean you are well exercised and that your muscles, joints, hands and your whole body and mind are prepared for the challenge ahead.

Good Etiquette
If there ever is a gentleman’s game, it’s golf. Because of this, there are certain things that should be observed in the course of the game. Good golf etiquette means you don’t hold other players up, you are conscious of other players, you don’t make too much noise in the cause of the game distracting others, you make sure when you are swinging that nobody is in harm’s way, you play with the spirit of good sportsmanship etc.

Golf Clubs
Generally there are 3 types of gold. These are woods, irons and putters. Long distances require woods as they are very good for such distances. Intermediate distances are well covered with irons. Putters are good for short distances.

In using golf clubs you need to understand what the numbers and what the clubs are best used for.
1 wood is good for making the ball go like a distance of 170 yards or more.
5 iron is useful in projecting the ball to a distance of about 100 yards
9 iron is good for getting the ball to a distance of about 60 yards

The thing about golf club is that even apart from their general uses you need to make the decision of which pone works best for you. So you need to know the golf club that is right for you.

The Right Swing
The game of golf really hinges on how good your swing is. Since the purpose of the game is to get the ball in the hole, getting your swing right is what determines how well the ball is controlled. The correct posture must be assumed to get your swing right.. You are expected to stand at address, and the term address is really used to imply standing near and ready to hit. Assuming the correct posture, your heels are supposed to be about shoulder width apart. It is also important that you hit the ball in the right place to get it really moving. So the ball should be hit in the middle of the face of the club just above bottom part of the ball.

The Rules
Familiarize yourself with rules. The rules determine who wins. For you to win you must follow the rules, it’s not just about getting the ball into the hole. How many time is the ball supposed to be hit per par? 5 over par?

These are only few of the things you need to familiarize yourself with to get to enjoy the game and be a better player but it’s a good start..

There are some important things you need to know to be able to understand and play golf well. These include, fitness, etiquette, the rules, the golf clubs, the swing and so on.

Golf- Learning And Perfecting The Basics

A golf ball directly before the hole

A golf ball directly before the hole (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Golf is the one game that bridges perfectly the gap between the corporate world and the sports world. Loved by both the business and sports community alike, this great game has really become quite popular. If you desire for whatever reason , business or sports, to learn how to play golf , you must first learn the basics and perfect them.

Learning the basics is very important in golf. it’s like building, if you don’t get the foundation right, it doesn’t matter how beautiful or high the building is, it will eventually come down. Getting the basics right and perfecting it, in my opinion is what makes great golfers like Tiger Woods who they are. Tiger started playing golf at a very young age, he learnt and perfected the basics and today he is reaping the benefits.

Learning and perfecting the basics helps you to really know the game and be a great player. The secret of success in life in any endeavor lies in the simple and basic things. Success in Business, for example, is all about providing what people need when they need it. It’s that simple, yet not many people get that simple principle right but those who get it right are the most successful. that’s why the world’s richest main are not those with complicated degrees but those with simple business plans. In Golf also, success is in the basics. Basic things like, the swing, the clubs and the course.

The Swing
There is nothing so basic and yet so important in golf as the swing. The swing is what differentiates great players from ordinary players. Every players most important thing in golf is learning his swing. Golf is simply about swinging a club, hitting a ball towards and eventually into a hole. The swing is what makes the winner. Everybody has access to the same kind of clubs, they are sold everywhere, the same kind of course but not the same swing. You must learn how perfectly to control the ball with your swing. Swings are perfected with practice. The control of the ball is in the swing. So there is a need for you to really work on your swing and perfect it. Of course the basics of how to hold the club , how to stand and how to drive the ball can be generally taught but the perfect swing that yields the perfect drive you will have to cultivate yourself.

The Clubs
One of the very important golf basics is the golf clubs. You must know your clubs well. Know which to use at what distance in which condition and for what purpose. This knowledge separates the top players from the usual players.

The Course
Though there are special regulations guiding the construction of a course, professional golf players will tell you that courses differ one from another. Knowing and mastering the course is important. It’s what lets you know how to hit your ball, where to hit it and where to avoid. Great players take time to examine each course before playing in any tournament. Knowing the course well may be what differentiates the winner from the others eventually.

Success is in the basics, learn and perfect the basics and your success in golf is guaranteed.

Being in a great golfer is in the basics. Learning and perfecting the basics helps you become a successful golfer. Such basics include mastering your swing, knowing your clubs and the golf course.

Guide to golfing for seniors

(4/365) :: Golf Thursdays

(4/365) :: Golf Thursdays (Photo credit: chispita_666)

Are you above 50 years old? Do you stop playing golf because you fear injury? If you still want to play, you may need to make some adjustments on how you grip your golf club. This is to ensure that you will not develop golfers wrist or hamate bone.

What is golfers wrist?

Golfers wrist is an injury in the wrist where you feel tenderness and pain. This injury may need surgery and takes time to heal. To help senior golfers, Johnny Miller has a revised his teaching to conform to the seniors bone condition. Following his instructions will help you continue enjoying the game and avoiding injury.

Swing for seniors

The concepts of golf swing for seniors is just like the golf swing for younger players, your start from the backswing, then hit the ball on the downswing and make a follow-through. However, one minor revision that Johnny Miller teaches is to cock the hands on the backswing and keep the right elbow close to the hip.

While for younger players, back swing is done by stretching the arms fully to make a wide arc as you bring down the club towards the downswing. Cocking the club will come later, as compared to the senior where cocking comes earlier.

Still the swing needs power, but seniors are advised to be more strategic rather than exert greater power that may put them at risk. If you usually reach 300 yards when you are younger, hitting the ball after 50 can be 200 yards or less. You only need to make sure that the direction is still there.

Stretching is necessary

If you are more than 50 and you still want to enjoy golfing and other fun activities, it may help to prepare yourself for the physicality of the activities.

Do some stretching exercises on a regular basis. This will help you prepare for any game you want to enjoy including golf.

To help you continue improving your game even after age 50, you may need a mentor that knows golf and should be more than 50 as well. Why is this so, this is to make sure that your mentor or coach understands the risk and thus will be able to teach you techniques that will not lead to problems later on.

Golfers wrist is painful and even if it is detected early, it may need months to heal and surgery in inevitable.

Thus, to make sure you will not succumb to hamate bone or golfers wrist, ensure proper handling of the golf club. If you may need to change your golf club for a comfortable game, then do it.

You however do not need to purchase costly golf clubs; your comfort is the focus and you should try to look for your golf club intelligently.

Finally, walking is another form of exercise; avoid using the golf cart. However, if you must make sure it is what your coach has advised. Your doctor should also have a say, if you can continue golf. Thus, check him out first before you continue golfing.

As a senior citizen, you will need to look after your health. Exercise is good but please your doctor needs to know what activities you get yourself into. He will therefore give you the advice you need. If golfing is allowed, then, do it and enjoy playing.


Playing Golf With The Right Mentality

Golf Green Island

Golf Green Island (Photo credit: jurvetson)

In most endeavors in life, success or failure starts in the mind. If you believe you can’t do something, it will be difficult for you to be to do it at all or do it well. The same applies to golf. The masters at golf are those who play with right mentality, those who refuse to be intimidated, who believe they can win and go ahead do all they can to win. The right mentality can be cultivated, and here are some tips on how to go about doing that.

Believe In Yourself
If you are going to be the best in anything in life there is a need for you to first believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t be able to overcome the challenges that come your way easily and you will be intimidated by other people’s success. In golf, the same applies, you need to believe in yourself, believe you can master the game and compete with the best of the best. If you believe it you can achieve it.

Visualize Playing Perfect Games In Your Mind
As good as it is to believe in yourself, it’s not enough you must learn to practice playing golf on and off the course. Since success starts in your mind, you should learn to visualize playing golf in your mind. Visualize playing golf in your mind and getting it right. If you get it right in your mind you’ll be surprised how easy it will be when it’s time to actually play it on the course.

Refuse To Be Intimidated By Others
The reason why some people find it difficult to improve their game is because they feel intimidated by the people they play with. They see themselves as not good enough to compete with such people. This sets up a mental barrier that actually reflects in their game. You must be confident in your game, believe in yourself and refuse to be intimidated by others. You are all playing on the same course with the same kind of clubs, it’s just in getting the ball into the hole as quick as you can with less attempts. Refuse to see the others, see yourself as having a good time and you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to beat those you think are too good for you to play against.

Having said all these, it is worthy of note that no game is completely won in the mind. Victory starts in the mind but it doesn’t end there. You must make an effort to translate what you have in your mind into real life games. Practice and training is what bridges the gap between winning in the mind and winning in real life, so practice is very important in improving your game in golf.

Make sure you cultivate the right mentality and develop a good training and practice schedule, then you will able to improve your game as you won’t be easily discouraged even when you don’t get it right in your first attempts. When you have the right mentality, your initial failures and setbacks are perceived as part of the process of getting better and becoming a master golfer.


Being a great golfer starts with having the right mentality. This can be cultivated by believing in yourself, visualizing playing perfect games in your mind and refusing to be intimidated by others. But it should not end there as practice and training is what brings victory in the mind to real life games.


Texas: Providing You with a Fantastic Surfing Experience

Corpus Christi Bay - Corpus Christi Bay (right...

Corpus Christi Bay – Corpus Christi Bay (right), Nueces Bay (top), and Oso Bay (bottom) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you hear the word surfing, you will normally think about Hawaii, California, and Florida. However, did you know that Texas is also a surfing destination which is getting more and more popular today? Texas has a lot of surfing spots that you will surely love. With fantastic waves and plenty of activities, you can be sure that surfing in Texas will be a lot of fun.

Among some of the popular beach towns in Texas that can provide you with great surfing experience are Corpus Christi, Surfside, South Padre, and Galveston. The great thing about Texas is that this state doesn’t rely on hurricanes to provide big waves. In fact, you will be able to surf all year round. Some waves can be as tall as 6 to 7 feet, which are very common in Corpus Christi and South Padre during the summer months. However, most of the waves will only be waist to chest high during the rest of the year.

You will also be able to have a great time surfing in Galveston and Surfside as it will be able to provide waves that are knee to waist-high. These waves are perfect for beginners and advanced surfers who are looking for a bit of fun in Texas.

If you really want big waves, then you may want to visit Texas during the winter months. You will find head high and above waves in Corpus Christi and South Padre. Galveston and Surfside will also provide you with waves that can go higher than 6 feet.

Because of the sizeable waves and speed of the current in Texas, you may want to use long boards for surfing. This will be able to provide you with smoother and longer rides. However, you can also use shorter boards or fish board if you want. This will provide you with more control and more speed.

Texas is also an ideal destination for people who are interested in learning how to surf. With smaller and manageable waves, it will make it the perfect classroom in surfing. You will also find a lot of surf shops around the beaches in Texas. Here, you will be able to find people who know the area and will also happily guide you in surfing in Texas. You can also purchase boards and wax here.

If you really want to learn how to surf, then Galveston is your choice. Here, you will be able to learn how to surf in just a single session. The waves here are perfect for learning how to surf as it is small and very manageable.

As you can see, Texas can also provide you with a fantastic surfing experience. But, if you are an expert surfer who is looking for a bit of a challenge and bigger waves, then this place is really not for you. Texas is perfect for beginners and advanced surfers. However, it really doesn’t provide enough challenge for expert surfers. You can try other popular surfing destinations that provides bigger waves, such as Oahu particularly the Banzai Pipeline. Or, you can also try California.

However, as a beginner or advanced surfer who wishes to have a lot of fun in the water, then Texas is the place for you. The beaches here are not that crowded and there are plenty of other activities to do besides surfing.

Making the Perfect Golf Swing

An animation of a full golf swing displaying t...

An animation of a full golf swing displaying the appropriate and professional technique. Each of the 9 frames in the animation are based on this image. The animation was made in both Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe ImageReady. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Self-assurance on the course is a key element to reap success and pleasure in a game of golf. Practicing the essentials of golf over and over again will lead to an improved game. However, different golf players have different body types; hence, no two people will exhibit the same golf swing on the course.

Each person trying to be good at golf will have to find ways to adapt to their body kind, and develop a swing that works best for them. Read on to pick up a few helpful pointers, and make that perfect swing next time on the course.

It pays to warm up

As with any other sport, the saying practice makes perfect is an important part of improving one’s game. In fact, it’s the only way to earn self-assurance on the field, especially in a game of golf. Before heading towards your golf tournament, you should first spend a few moments on the practice area. This is where everything is developed in the first place.

This is the place where you get two hit two important things: warm up and slacken off your muscles and improve your ball striking skills. It is best if you start with a wedge, slowly making your way down the entire set to the driver. This is a great way to get the feel of hitting the ball correctly, as well as minimize your risk for injury.

Giving the swing power

Unlike badminton where wrist flicks play a major role, golf, on the other hand, is not a wrist game. Many amateur golf players tend to hit the ball relying on the power of only the arms and wrists. Although this may work from time to time, this does not yield real stability and power. To achieve an effective swing, you should use the entire body employ the muscles of the trunk and legs for maxed out power.

However without a good balance, no swing is effective enough. As with any structure that requires a solid foundation, your swing also needs to be provided with a firm support. Try practicing hitting some balls with your feet approximately six inches apart. This will enable you to keep up a great balance, as well as pace, and will be helpful when you return hitting at your usual stance.

Noting the knees

It is best if you put your body’s weight on the inside of your right foot and preserve a slight bend in the knee while on the backswing. As you swing the club backwards, make sure that the right knee is rock-solid this helps you utilize the power coming from your trunk, and send the ball flying. Many amateurs too have this mistake of letting the left knee give way towards the right leg during the backswing.

This does not good a swinger any good except making the hips sway and make an overturn. In order to deal with this properly, on the backswing, you should stabilize both knees. Imagine there’s a basketball between your thighs, and that is how stabilized your knees are enough to hold the ball up.

Perfecting your golf swing takes a lot of time and practice. With the few pointers mentioned above, you can work out your most confident swing, depending on your body type and, of course, on what work for you.


How To Be A Master Golfer

English: Golfer in Yyteri Golf Links.

English: Golfer in Yyteri Golf Links. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Golf is beautiful game with a simple objective, drive the ball into the hole. But as simple as this objective is, carrying it out well enough to be a champion is not that easy or simple. Except you know what it takes to be a master golfer.

It All Starts In The Mind
Being a master golfer begins in the mind. You have to believe in yourself and believe you are capable of being a master of the game. This may look insignificant but it’s true. It has been discovered that people who believe in themselves in sports and other endeavors in life do better than others who are plagues by self-doubt , low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. So your journey to being a master golfer has to start in your mind. Do you believe you can do it? If you do, the initial setbacks and obstacles that come with learning new things or mastering a game will not deter you from your goal of being a master golfer.

Be Willing To Learn
To be a master golfer you must be willing to learn. Learn from those who are better than you and even those you are better than. Learning may take different forms but an important form is taking golf lessons.

Private golf lessons are available everywhere if you can afford it. One of the benefits of private golf lessons is that you get one on one coaching with golf experts who really know what the game is about. And since it’s a one on one thing the lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs. But if you can’t afford private golf lessons, you can go for group golf lessons.

In Group golf lessons you get to learn to master the game in groups. This gives you an advantage to learn what it takes to master the game, meet and interact with other aspiring golfers at moderate cost to you.

If for one reason or another you can’t take private or group golf lessons, you may have to do it yourself .you’ll have to do the research for yourself; using the internet, asking golfers you know or even walking up to those you don’t know for tips and putting their advice and tips into your game.

No matter what approach to learning you choose, the most important this is that you must be willing to learn and do whatever it takes to make your being a master golfer dream come alive.

Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!
Though being a master of the game starts in the mind, and gets developed in learning it doesn’t end there, it is perfected in practice. No matter how self-confident you are and no matter how much lessons you take, if you don’t have time to implement what you’ve learned and perfect it in practice by having a very strong and disciplined practice schedule you can’t be a master golfer. Golf s a game that requires strong discipline and it’s what you’ve learnt to do the hard way during practice that you will do easily when it matters most on the course.

To be master golfer you need to believe in yourself, be willing to learn by taking golf lessons or taking tips from others and most importantly practicing until you perfect your game.