Health Insurance Quotes-Individual and Group

Top 10 Reasons to choose Cigna

Individual & Family Plans

1.  A seamless, national network

With our Open Access Plus Network, which has over 800,000 quality health care professionals and over 6,000 hospitals and facilities.

2.  The freedom to choose

Which doctor or dentist to see and when. No referrals are required.

3.  A personalized website

Where you can find the right doctors and health professionals to meet your needs, view claims history, download forms, pay your monthly premium and print temporary ID cards.

4.  Call center available 24/7/365

To answer your questions and provide the guidance you need, when you need it.

5. Online tools

That compare the cost and quality of medications, medical services, and hospital care with easy-to-use calculators

6.  A free and confidential health assessment

To help you better understand your overall health and identify ways to protect and improve it.

7.  A health information line staffed

By trained nurses who can offer detailed answers to health questions, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8.  Healthy Rewards® discount program*

For weight management and nutrition products, tobacco cessation, fitness club memberships and so much more.

9.  Door-to-door home delivery pharmacy

Which combines convenience and reduced costs of prescription drugs.

10. One stop for medical and dental coverage

To protect you and your family from head to toe and cover preventive care visits, screening and immunizations at 100% in network.



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